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Andre Neverson

Andre Neverson,Troy Michael Anderson, Troy Michael Henderson, Trey Michael Henderson, Andre Humphrey, Andre Henderson | wanted One Of N.Y.'s Most Wanted Caught On Tape

Cops say Andre Neverson let a feud with his sister make him one of New York's most-wanted fugitives. Authorities have cast a wide net to track Neverson down, but the key to finally nabbing him may be footage shot on an ex-girlfriend's video camera.
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Current Age:
225 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair):
  • Bald
  • May be wearing a dreadlock wig
  • Sometimes wears a goatee
  • Brown
Other Phys. Characteristics:
  • Very muscular build
  • Originally from Trinidad and speaks with a slight Caribbean accent
Traits and Habits:
  • Works out a lot
  • Acquaintances of Neverson report that at times he is very calm and serene, but has a violent temper
  • Has threatened suicide
  • Does not drink or smoke
  • Has many girlfriends and may be hidden by one now
  • Has worked as a bouncer in Caribbean clubs as well as a security guard at a hospital
  • He is computer literate and intelligent
  • Has been known to buy cars, fix them up, then resell them
Last Seen:
  • Brooklyn , NY
Other Possible Locations:
  • Newark , NJ
Prior Convictions:
  • Attempted murder
Last updated December 15, 2011

Andre Neverson



Fugitive Andre Neverson has been known to wear a dredlock wig.

Andre Neverson

Media Photo
Fugitive Andre Neverson has been known to wear a dredlock wig.

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